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Tool Factories Association Czech Republic


The Association is a voluntary interest association of member organisations respecting their legal subjectivity. The scope of activity of the Tool Factories Association is participation in creation of optimal conditions for the dynamic growth of Czech tool factories.

Scope of Activity

Above all, the Association for fulfilment of its mission:

  • promotes the legitimate interests and standpoints of the members of the Association in relation to the general public and local authorities
  • promotes consumer and distribution interests of its members
  • works as a professional advisor, submits its own proposals, presentations and interventions within the scope of preparation of economic-political decisions at the national and international level
  • approaches (with the consent of the members of the Association) suitable partners at home and abroad, and organises pertinent national and international events resulting from this cooperation
  • provides operative exchange of information among the members of the Association and information between the office of the Association and the members of the Association
  • organises consulting activities as required
  • organises presentation of its members at exhibitions and trade fairs
  • organises technical support of the members of the Association